Hello, I'm Osama Naeem.

I’m an iOS engineer and a university student living in Islamabad, Pakistan.
You can check out my projects on Github, and read about swift development & computer science on my blog.

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I like to write about iOS Development, Swift, Apple & Computer Science concepts.

  • Making an Interactive Card based UI using Swift (Part 2 / 2)

    In the first part of this tutorial we set up the view controller and created a Glide class where we wrote code regarding segmentation, calculated the segmentation heights and implemented the pan gesture recognizer.

  • Making an Interactive Card based UI using Swift (Part 1/2)

    Most apps nowadays use this card based UI to pop up information or show an action menu etc. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook all are using some sort of a multi-state, interactive, gesture based card flow to show information to users. I have always been intrigued by such a design element and thought I should try building one from scratch.

  • Solving Min Stack Problem using Swift

    It’s been a while since I last posted an article on an algorithm and data structure problem. This time I decided to solve the Min Stack problem. In Min Stack you need to find the minimum element inside a stack in constant time.

  • Using @EnvironmentObject to handle Log In / Log Out condition in SwiftUI

    So I started using SwiftUI this last week and thought I would write about something I have been able to make over the brief time I have used it for. While SwiftUI makes designing new applications extremely easy; I couldn’t help but notice how much Apple has simplified UI components. Sometimes a bit too much.

  • Getting started with FaceID/TouchID and LocalAuthentication using Swift

    Since 2013, all iPhones have been launched with some sort of biometric sensors. From iPhone 5s to iPhone 8, Apple embedded a Touch ID sensor in the home button and from iPhone X onwards they started using Face ID to detect user’s face before unlocking the device.

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I do a lot of side projects in my free time using different Swift frameworks and APIs. Here are some of the apps I have developed.

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  • GoodNews

    Simple and Minimal News App
  • Compatriot

    Meet compatriots abroad
  • NexTasks

    Timed Lists to get Stuff Done