Hello, I'm Osama Naeem.

I’m an iOS engineer and a grad student living in Waterloo, Canada 🇨🇦.
You can check out my projects on Github, and read about swift development & computer science on my blog.

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I like to write about iOS Development, Swift, Apple & Computer Science concepts.

  • Making Textfield First Responder in SwiftUI using FocusedState

    Apple unveiled SwiftUI - a UI framework for native iOS development back in 2019. Since then it has improved quite a lot and while some may (me included) still think that it has still long way to go however, annual updates to SwiftUI has made it immensely powerful and is now closer than ever to reach that point of completion.

  • Drawing Smooth Cubic Bezier Curve through prescribed points using Swift

    So I wanted to plot some data and decided to create a simple line graph using UIBezierPath. It worked but I wasn’t happy with it. Then I decided to use the quadratic bezier curve method that requires two end points and one control point. Still wasn’t happy with result. Then came the turn of the Cubic bezier curve, that requires two control points and two end points. I knew I needed to use this to create a curve that went through the prescribed points and also creates the smooth and perfect curve that I was looking for. However, it isn’t as straight forward as it first seems.

  • Making an Interactive Card based UI using Swift (Part 2 / 2)

    In the first part of this tutorial we set up the view controller and created a Glide class where we wrote code regarding segmentation, calculated the segmentation heights and implemented the pan gesture recognizer.

  • Making an Interactive Card based UI using Swift (Part 1/2)

    Most apps nowadays use this card based UI to pop up information or show an action menu etc. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook all are using some sort of a multi-state, interactive, gesture based card flow to show information to users. I have always been intrigued by such a design element and thought I should try building one from scratch.

  • Solving Min Stack Problem using Swift

    It’s been a while since I last posted an article on an algorithm and data structure problem. This time I decided to solve the Min Stack problem. In Min Stack you need to find the minimum element inside a stack in constant time.

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I do a lot of side projects in my free time using different Swift frameworks and APIs. Here are some of the apps I have developed.

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  • Frequent

    Track Recurrent Expenses Easily.
  • GoodNews

    Simple and Minimal News App
  • Compatriot

    Meet compatriots abroad
  • NexTasks

    Timed Lists to get Stuff Done