WWDC Guide – Traveling, lodging, Scholarship orientation & lots more! (Part 2)

WWDC2019 scholarship results were announced earlier this week and I would like to congratulate everyone who got selected 🎉. For those who were unable to get the scholarship, don’t stress out and continue working, grinding and learning. Make sure to try next year.

This is going to be part 2 of WWDC series where I will talk about the traveling, lodging, other events that are going on along side WWDC in San Jose,  and more.

As you may tell from my Instagram, I love traveling. So let’s talk about it! ✈️

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My WWDC18 Scholarship Project (Part 1)

Apple just announced WWDC 2019 and I couldn’t be more excited. WWDC is an experience of a lifetime. As an iOS developer and someone who loves software, WWDC gave me a platform to meet and interact with creative and bright developers from around the globe. I learned so many new software tips and concepts from Apple engineers; and it further motivated me to design and create apps for iPhones and iPads.

In this first of two parts series regarding WWDC, I will be talking about my last year’s scholarship submission, how I made it and some useful tips for anyone looking to create Swift Playground for this year’s scholarship. The second part will be all about traveling + packing, lodging, and events that take place around San Jose during WWDC week and all the non technical stuff.

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